Has Been Revamped

The new updated and revised version of now plays flash samples from an embedded player instead of wmv samples.

We went through and selected our top selling and searched-for categories and combined them into 12 top categories for each of our three content types: Gay, Straight and Fetish.

Sample clips are now automatically updated weekly instead of having to be manually updated.

Every clip that is added to automatically has a 20 second flash sample created. It is up to each provider if they would like to use our sample, their own sample, or none at all. The majority of our providers choose to use the samples that we have created for them.

Several months ago, we back-tracked and created a 20 second flash sample for every clip that was active on the site, so we now have close to 150,000 samples to use for

Each sample on links out to the clip record on, or that the sample came from. Purchases generated from this traffic when a webmaster's affiliate code is added to the url will earn the webmaster 25%. Purchases generated at from this traffic will also be tracked by the affiliate code.


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