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How can my content earn money with offers over 200,000 movies from over 3,000 studios. We spend millions of dollars in advertising, show sponsorships, and major promotions that bring people to our site to watch your content.

The Internet offers tremendous exposure because potential customers worldwide can see your movies! Anyone with a computer can pay to see your content. Now that more than 50% of Internet users have high-speed, broadband connections, the Internet is fast becoming the Future of content delivery.

How Do I Make Money?

It's so easy! All you do is send us movies you believe others will enjoy watching. We place them on There is no cost to you. Once your movies are live, people can pay per rental, per download, or per-minute to see them. They can watch all or parts of any movie!

For the most part, traditional membership websites have become a thing of the past. People want to watch what they want, when they want. They're tired of recurring monthly billing and would rather pay only for what they watch. offers Pay-Per-Minute billing (the billing model destined to become the Future of Video on Demand) and we share the revenue with you!

How Much Money Can I Make?

PLENTY! is committed to bringing substantial traffic to our site and therefore to your content. If people enjoy your movies, they will return again and again to look for new ones. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and all of it is at no cost to you!

Will Having My Films Available On The Internet Hurt My DVD Sales?

We know of no studio that has seen a decrease in DVD sales after putting their movies on In fact, their overall revenue has increased because people worldwide can now see and enjoy them. Remember, customers simply cannot purchase all your movies. They will buy some and may even increase their purchases after they see more of your movies by watching them on the Internet.

How Do I See What I Am Earning?

When you create a account, you receive a unique UserName and select a Password so you can log in at any time. You’ll see which of your movies are being watched, how people watch them, how often, and how much money you make every day, month to month.

What Subject Matter Are You Looking For? accepts videos in almost any genre. As long as it meets legal standards and we agree the content is something people will want to watch, we welcome it on our site.

Do I Have To Submit Full-Length Movies?

Movies do not need to be anywhere near full-length (usually around 90 minutes). We accept material of almost any length. Even five-minute clips that offer interesting or entertaining content can produce good money for you. We even accept miscellaneous content and will make compilations for you.

What Is A "Custom Theater?" What Can It Do For Me?

A "Custom Theater" is a site where the home page URL is branded to your studio. We create URLs for all studios that send us at least twenty movies. Custom theaters let you to advertise the URL and drive people to your movies on that website.

What Are Rights? How Are They Applied On The Internet?

Film and video rights are generally specific to various mediums. A studio may acquire the rights to the theatrical release of a film but not the television rights. This leaves the door open for the producer to sell the TV rights in the future. Likewise, the right to distribute films on the Internet is separate from other rights and can be given at the will of the producer as long as those rights were not sold exclusively to someone else.

What Is A "Nonexclusive" Agreement? How Can It Affect Me?

When you submit your movies to, we accept them as part of a nonexclusive agreement. This means that when you give the right to offer your movie(s) on the Internet, you can also give the same nonexclusive rights to other Internet sites. Please be sure that you have the Internet rights to your films before you submit them to anyone as your content.

Some Pay-Per-Minute programs require Producers to sign an exclusive agreement. If you make an agreement like this, it means you cannot market your content to other Internet distribution services. When you work with, you get a nonexclusive agreement. This means that if another Internet distribution agent or website would ALSO like to offer your content, your agreement with us will NOT prevent it. If you choose to make an exclusive agreement for your content with another agent, you can end your agreement with at any time with 30 days' written notice. We will always comply with your wishes.

Is It Possible For People To Pirate My Movies From Your Site? uses the latest in Digital Rights Management plus maintains a dedicated team of highly skilled technicians who work 24/7 to ensure that your movies are delivered securely and only to the people who pay for them.

What Is DivX® And How Can I Show My Movies In This Format?

DivX® is a highly compressed movie format ideal for downloading. With DivX® downloads, you get high quality video that never streams or buffers. Your movie will be large, crisp, and sound great. To have your movies encoded in the DivX® format, contact Once your movies are encoded, all you need to do is authorize to offer your movies in the DivX® format.

How Do I Send You My Content? How Do You Promote It?

It's simple, go to Sign-up. At the end of the submission process, you can access the Content License Agreement. Review it, add the information we request, then print and sign two copies. Send both to us with your content.

The mailing address is:
C/o LM Management Ltd
Suite 134
1409 Marlton Pike
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 can work with just about any file format.
Submissions may be in:

  • DVD- PAL or NTSC
  • CD-ROM
  • Beta SP - NTSC Only
  • Mini-DV - PAL or NTSC
  • Full Size DV - PAL or NTSC
  • DVCam - PAL or NTSC
  • VHS - PAL or NTSC

Other formats may also be accepted. If you have another format not listed please contact us as we may be able to work from it.

Our preferred format for the submission of your videos is MiniDV or DVD as it does not lose any quality resolution when we add it to

If you submit your video on a CD-Rom, it must be in either an .avi (preferred) or .mpg format. For the best transfer from CD-Rom, use the .avi format.

Residents of Europe and Asia submitting content may send PAL format as we have the equipment to encode from PAL.