Easy to Build Custom Theaters!

  1. Choose The Content.
  2. Upload Your Header.
  3. Choose Your Colors.
  4. Link To Your Site!

The Power of Custom Theaters

  • Keep your traffic. Instead of sending traffic to another site your custom theater templates allows you to keep your users at your site.
  • You can create multiple theaters to match your sites. Choose what category of movies you want to be shown and add your own logo and colors. Or contact us and we will build custom theaters for you.
  • You receive a 20% commission every time someone makes a purchase from your site. The customer is yours forever. Whenever he returns you receive commission.
  • Use your own domain or sub-domain in conjunction with your custom theaters! Customers will see your domain name in the URL address bar and status bar. Great branding.

Custom Theater Choices

Don't know the color wheel? Not sure what people want?
Choose any of the following theaters..

Popular Theaters

  1. HotMovies.com - All of our Movies
  2. GayHotMovies.com - Gay Movies
  3. FetishMovies.com - Fetish Movies


What is the cost to set-up my theater?
About 15 minutes of your time.

Can MovieDollars.com set up my custom theater?
Absolutely, but you should try yourself first, it really is simple.

Can I have more than one website?
Of course, you can have multiple websites all under one account. Use sub-accounts to track different theaters as well!

Is it really that simple?
Yes it is. We have put in years of development so you don't have to.

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