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As a Webmaster your mission is to get people to try and the Pay-Per-Minute Billing Model. Think about it: Are there any sites that YOU would really want to be a member of? There could be one or two but for the most part people do NOT want to join ANY site.

Once people realize they can "pay as they go" they love it and becomes their website of choice for when they want to watch Internet Porn.

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Welcome to Our Webmaster Affiliate Program.

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    Get paid via check & wire. Other payment options may become available.

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    We offer hundreds of custom theaters to promote specific niches, or create a theater to match your site’s look and feel.

The average Adult Internet Customer/Surfer is tired of traditional membership websites. They are fed up with recurring billing, cross sells and repetitive content.

People want to watch "What They Want, When They Want!" They want to "Get In, Get Off and Get Out".

If developing a long-term income stream is your goal, is the program for you. With over sixty percent of our sales from returning customers, you can trade in uncertain short-term profit for reliable, long-term revenue. Send traffic and build your empire by promoting NOW!

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Long term Success comes from building repeat customers who make you money monthly. Traditional membership sites pay you more initially but nothing later. Our systems allow your earnings to grow each and every month.