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What is is the fastest growing Pay-Per-Minute web site on the Internet. It currently maintains a video library of over 130,000 first-run and niche adult movies from over 2,300 studios. We add a minimum of 400 new titles per week. All movies can be video streamed to the users for about 8¢ per minute. also offers streaming rentals & Windows© Media Downloads.

What is Pay-Per-Minute?

PAY-PER-MINUTE is the wave of the Future. For about 8¢ per minute, your customers can "watch what they want, when they want", for as long as they want. Until recently most of the adult content on the Internet was only able to be accessed by membership plans which bill the customer billed month after month. This is changing as the time has come to give customers value and not something they really do not want. Except in special cases customers do not want to join websites. With our embedded Windows® Media Player, virtually every customer with a broadband connection who visits is assured of a high quality viewing experience!

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Simply include the Free Prepaid in magazines video inserts, point of purchase displays, or insert them into your package with every purchase. You can also distribute them in casinos, gentleman's clubs or hand them out on the street. All the customer have to do is enter a valid e-mail address and the serial number from the back of the Free Prepaid Card. will immediately update their account with their Free Minutes and automatically tag them as your customer.

From then on, you get 15% for each and every purchase that customer makes forever! You can also pass the Free Prepaid Cards on to other businesses, clients, or friends for them to distribute. They will earn 15% and you will receive 5% for doing next to nothing.