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In a few years television will be dead. VOD is the way of the future. How can you, as a Webmaster, benefit from this shift in media delivery?

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Studio Affiliate Program

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As Websites grow, retail DVD sales continue to drop sharply. More and more people are using the Internet as their source for media. Customers want the ease of use and variety of content that Video On Demand can provide. We invite you to submit your films and allow consumers to see it whenever they want, on a pay-per-minute basis.

For small studios, this is chance to have your movies hosted for free, with little effort on your part. For large studios, VOD offers another marketing arm for your product, as well as a new audience. Earn revenue NOW!

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Card Program

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HotMovies.com is proud to present a new and lucrative opportunity for your business. You can sign up to give VOD.com Free Prepaid Cards to your patrons. You will earn lifetime recurring revenue from any customers who buy packages through your cards.

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